Club Permit Scheme
(CH Plates)

FCCV CH Club Permit Guidelines

The Victorian club permit scheme allows members of car clubs (including motorcycle, trailer/caravan and machinery clubs) that are recognised by VicRoads to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network.

This document is to establish a set of guidelines for the process and modifications to CH & H permitted (Classic & Historic) cars within the Fiat Car Club of Victoria Inc.

Whilst it is clear that a financial member of the car club can have any car that is over 25 years and it is covered in the scheme as defined by Vicroads (Revised Scheme Feb 2011), it should also be understood that the underlying principle of the scheme is to provide owners of classic or historic vehicles limited use of the vehicles on public roads with an aim toward having these vehicles preserved and used. The Fiat Car Club of Victoria Inc. does not promote the use of this scheme for excessively modified vehicles, unless they represent valid replicas of classic models and meet the roadworthiness requirements set out by Vicroads.

List of most common cars expected to be seen:

Fiat manufactured cars bearing the name Fiat or owned by the Fiat group at some time in the company’s history (including cars made under licenses, i.e. Yugo, Lada, Seat, etc…), 500 A-C (“Topolino”), Fiat 600 Sedan & Multipla, Fiat 1100 Sedan & Wagon, Fiat Nuova 500 & Fiat NIKI (126), Fiat 1300-1500 Sedan, Wagon & Spider, Fiat 1800, 2100, 2300 Sedan, Wagon & 2300S (Coupe), Fiat Dino 2L & 2.4L Coupe & Spider, Fiat 850 sedan, Coupe & Spider, Fiat 124 Sedan, Wagon, Coupe (AC,BC & CC) & Spider AS,BS, BS1,CSA, CS1, CS2 & DS Turbo & VX (Forced induction), 125 Sedan, & Special, 128 Sedan, Rally, Wagon & Coupe including 3P, Fiat X19 series 1, 2 & 3 late Bertone cars, 130 Coupe & Sedan 2800 & 3200, 132 Sedan (to include Argenta 2L EFI), 131 Sedan & Wagon including VX (Forced induction), Regata Sedan & Wagon 85S & 100S including Ritmo 125TC Abarth & 130TC, Abarth.

In this document we look at what is acceptable to this club (FCCV Inc) as a modified C & H permitted car that is representative of the car as an original or replica special variant that may have been made as a low volume unit for Race & Rally from P/F, Bertone, Giannini, & Abarth as well as many of the specially built Fiat group cars and platforms used by any number of coach builders and tuning houses over the years.

Non-Fiat marque cars are welcome provide that they are representative of the marque & model of the time and is taken in good faith by the club representative responsible for signing off the car that they meet the criteria as described by Vic roads.

List of modifications acceptable to club cars (Period modification 25 years or older)

All cars: General:

Rebuilding of engines, gear box’s & differentials are part of everyday maintenance, restoration & rust repairs and are all part of everyday maintenance for this age of motor car and must be kept in a well maintained appearance & road-worthy condition at all times.

  • Fitting of bigger wheels & tyres (respecting Vic roads legal wheel sizes)
  • Fitting of headers & modified exhaust system (respecting Vic roads legal noise requirements 96 Db)
  • Fitting of different Carburetors 2 x Weber/Dellorto’s (respecting Vic roads legal noise requirements 96 Db and applicable emissions i.e. carbon canister if fitted)
  • Fitting of different cam-shafts to engines
  • Fitting of different Ignition systems
  • Fitting of up-rated cooling systems, both radiator & oil coolers
  • Fitting up rated braking systems I.e. drum brake to disc brake or bigger ventilated disc braking system, replacement of brake hoses & piping (respecting Vic roads legal requirements)
  • Fitting of replacement of shock absorbers & springs i.e. Koni, KYB and Kings spring kits (respecting Vic roads legal ride heights)
  • Fitting replacement of seat belts & fitting of 4, 5 or 6 point safety harness is acceptable provide that these items meet the current (AS/Vic roads standards. In the event of a safety harness not meeting AS standards a second seat belt with compliance is to be fitted & used for road use)
  • In the event of a motor car that is pre seat belt legislation (as per Vic roads it is strongly recommended to fit seat belts and seek advice (This advice is freely available within the club)
  • Fitting of ROP’s to respect the intent of the Vic roads reg’s & CAMS reg’s
  • Fitting of different engines to different models for example Fiat 600 fitted with Fiat 127 engine
  • Fiat 124 sedan fitted with 124 CC 1800 Coupe & gear box (124 Special T)
  • Fiat 124 AC or BC fitted with Serra/ Bayliss Turbo kit draw-through or blow-through Carby, no EFI injection.
  • Fiat 124 Coupe or Spider engine swapping full range 1438, 1592, 1608, 1756, 1850, 1995, including EFI, VX & EFI Turbo
  • Fitting of Fiat 131 1600 with Fiat 131 2L, including VX engine
  • Regata 100S, 1598 to 2L Ritmo 105,125 & 130 TC Abarth
  • Fiat 128, X19 Regata 85S SOCH 1100, 1300,1500 & Uno turbo 1301 & 1376cc (But brake up grade recommended)

These modifications are considered to be in the “gene pool” of production components.

Most of the above modifications can be carried out without reference to a Certifying Engineer. Where greater modifications are planned, the club recommends an early application for “approval” and our authorized representative will forward this request to the club committee for consideration. It is the vehicles owners’ responsibility to provide evidence and/or justification for the level of modification and its relevance to a classic model.

Examples which we do not believe comply are:

  • Fiat 124 AC fitted with Fiat/ Lancia 16V engine
  • Austin Healey Sprite fitted with Toyota 4AGE Engine
  • Fiat 500 fitted with Fiat T/C engine & Lancia gearbox
  • Fiat 850 fitted with Mazda 12A Rotary & VW transaxle
  • Niki fitted with 1.7 Alfasud engine and gearbox, mid/ rear location

Note: with the correct Engineering Certificates it would be possible to fully register these vehicles and we have no objection to these vehicles being part of the club. Their ability to qualify as classics of the marque is in question.

The CH Permit Application process within FCCV

The initial Application Process is very simple:

  1. Current Financial member of the FCCV
  2. Described car meets above criteria (Unless it is required to be referred to FCCV Committee for ratification)
  3. Car has a current Victorian Roadworthy Certificate (provide relevant Engineers certificates if applicable)
  4. Is presented for inspection to club representative
  5. Owner fills out the Permit Register Document including 3 photos as described
  6. Club permit papers signed off by representative
  7. All current Details from roadworthy are recorded on CH Database
  8. Owner sends signed application, RWC and fee to Vicroads
  9. On receipt of Permit Number advise this number to club representative by return phone call or Email for our records

The annual Renewal Process:

  1. Current financial membership of the FCCV to be confirmed
  2. Vehicle to be presented to one of our 3 club review representatives to confirm status and signature of permit renewal document.
  3. Owner updates any relevant information in the Permit Register Document
  4. Owner sends signed application and fee to Vicroads

Please note that the Club Permit Scheme is a privilege and not a right.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure his/her vehicle remains safe and compliant with the Vicroads requirements and should modifications be made after the permit approval, our club representative should be advised of this to ensure continued compliance and records.

Failure to maintain financial membership of the Fiat Car Club of Victoria Inc. will void the permit (if issued by FCCV) and may void any insurance related to the vehicle.